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Collapse This Category Easton Issues and Discussions    
New Posts Easton General
If it doesn't fit in any of the designated issues areas, you can post it in here.
101 601 01/26/2015
3:55:33 PM
by: sfleming Jump to Last Post
New Posts Selectmen's Race 2015
3 people are running for 2 spaces on the Board of Selectmen. Follow the statements of the candidates and questions from Eastonmass.com.
2 12 01/23/2015
3:56:04 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
New Posts Public Safety & Crime
Police, Fire, and general public safety and departmental discussions. If you see a trend of neighborhood crime problems, please spread the word.
45 281 01/27/2015
08:03:50 AM
by: empire Jump to Last Post
New Posts Easton Planning Department
Gary Anderson is the new Planning Director in town and is interested in hearing from us concerning our admiration for the town and what are our future visions are. Please post your comments, ideas, suggestions and concerns here, as he will be following and participating in the discussions. What a great way to be heard and interact with official town government planning.
27 256 01/26/2015
09:36:29 AM
by: mommo Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Environmental
Issues pertaining to our local environment, sewerage, air, water, vegetation, animal life, plants, soil, vegetation, climate, pollution. energy, trash, recycling, etc.
29 237 11/26/2014
11:32:42 AM
by: TWMSeven11 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Community Preservation & Open Space
Discussions concerning the Community Preservation Act and related open space and historical purchases by the town...
28 291 07/25/2014
2:23:42 PM
by: nyswede Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Shovel Shop Square Affordable Housing 40 B
Turner Bros. of Raynham, owned by George M. Turner and Robert M. Turner of Easton, are proposing 182 apartments on about 6 acres at the former location of the Ames Shovel Co.

Let's talk about it, ask questions, comment and follow the news stories and development.

29 178 09/07/2014
6:33:18 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Affordable Housing Projects, 40B, 40R, etc.
These seem to be popping up all over the place lately and we don't hear about it until it makes the papers so let's try to keep on top of what's going on...
42 436 01/08/2015
2:50:08 PM
by: Sunnyday Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Master Plan - Your Input Is Needed!!
For the first time in 40 years, residents will get a chance to weigh in on how the town should look decades from now. The Envision Easton steering committee, along with five working groups, has been dentifying core issues, opportunities and challenges that Easton will face. This comprehensive master plan will replace the existing one developed in April 1971.
“We want it to be a living plan, we don’t want it to gather dust,” said Easton Director of Planning Gary Anderson. “This will hopefully provide a road map in whatever form and provide an opportunity to see what the people really want for the town.”

Within this forum, seen by many of the Easton officials, will be the master plan elements which you will have an opportunity to express your input, ideas, comments and suggestions.
13 89 10/31/2014
12:35:37 PM
by: jc1974 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Schools
News and issues relating to the Easton Public Schools
35 349 01/07/2015
5:38:10 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Public Health
Health related issues, warnings, alerts, etc.
22 118 10/01/2014
1:28:42 PM
by: Ellen Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Commuter Rail Train in Easton
...People, get ready, there's a train a coming You don't need no baggage, you just get on board...
54 411 12/15/2014
12:20:17 PM
by: Townie92 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Special Act Charter Committee
Discussions about the developments and progress of the Special Act Charter Committee. The committee will develop a town council/town manager charter for the town of Easton, pursuant to the government study committee recommendations of October 2006.
23 231 12/15/2014
12:42:32 PM
by: Sunnyday Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Special Act Charter Committee - Executive Session
This is a serious private discussion and information exchange area concerning the developments and details of the very important Special Act Charter Committee.

The postings and information in this forum can only be seen, read and viewed by EastonMass.com members that I decide to include.

If you would like to be part of this private discussion forum, please message me through this forum with your full name and reason for wanting to be included.
2 28 12/14/2014
7:26:13 PM
by: Sunnyday Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Economic Development Council
Discussions concerning this important new committee which is charged with creating sustainable economic development and collaborating with neighborhoods, businesses and regional governments. Always good to follow things from the beginning.
1 2 09/15/2014
09:58:52 AM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Town Finances, Budgets, State Aid & Taxes
13 130 01/15/2015
4:14:34 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Town Meetings & Elections
29 470 01/08/2015
1:16:33 PM
by: TWMSeven11 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Town Administrator
2 50 12/04/2014
09:06:23 AM
by: Peter5 Jump to Last Post
New Posts Town Boards, Committees and Town Departments
Issues relating to all town boards, committees and Town departments
37 507 01/23/2015
11:50:11 AM
by: TWMSeven11 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Easton Community Access TV
Discussions and exchange of information, ideas and comments concerning Easton's Community Access TV
23 39 01/17/2015
07:08:19 AM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Roads, Traffic, Land Use
Questions and discussions concerning issues with roads, traffic signs and signals, intersections, traffic, snow removal, land use, etc.
23 159 12/09/2014
1:14:01 PM
by: ck Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Easton Shovel Town Cultural District
A lot is starting to happen with the new Easton Shovel Town Cultural District. A Commission is formed and plans are underway. Let's stay on top of what's going and help provide comments, ideas and suggestions.
24 61 12/21/2014
8:00:35 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
New Posts The Library & Learning Commons @Queset House
We have an outstanding library system and state of the art new Learning Commons @Queset House. Check here for events, information and happenings at the Ames Free Library and Learning Commons @Queset House. http://www.amesfreelibrary.org/
47 85 01/21/2015
6:09:25 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Raynham Park Slots Parlor Complex
Easton lies less than a mile from the site of the proposed Route 138 gambling facility and there are potentially huge impacts to the town. Things are starting to happen so let's keep a central eye on things.

9 34 01/14/2015
2:05:10 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category The EastonMass.com TV Show     
New Posts The EastonMass.com TV Show Announcements
We are underway with The EastonMass.com Live TV Show so tune in to Verizon Chanel 22 or Comcast Chanel 9 every Monday night starting at 7 PM for a live review and discussion of the EastonMass.com topics along with news, local events, sound clips, videos and live phone calls.

If you would like to get involved, record a live announcement, schedule a phone interview, make a comment, or sound off, just call our recorded voice mail line at 508-205-9010. Thank you for listening and stay tuned for the next show...
114 273 01/19/2015
09:34:50 AM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Easton and Local Business    
New Posts Local Business News and Announcements
Check here for the latest news, announcements and specials from our local Easton and surrounding towns businesses
47 164 01/23/2015
2:13:03 PM
by: gilya7 Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Easton History    
Old Posts Historic Easton Photos and Facts
I am working with Frank Meninno, Curator of the Easton Historical Society, to help continue the interest and discussion concerning the important history of Easton. What started as a photo and description in an email mailing list, I decided to post the photos and historic information here in order to help further the interest, discussion and also help identify the photos more specifically. Thank you to Anthony Fontes who sparked the idea and everyone who is sending copies from their family collections.
22 151 03/31/2014
1:17:24 PM
by: reastman1952 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Easton Historical Society
This is the official discussion forum for the Easton Historical Society. Have a question about Easton History, Genealogy or would like to know more about Easton's history. Please post it here for answers. For more information, please visit our website: www.EastonHistoricalSociety.org
21 49 11/30/2014
6:24:39 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
New Posts Easton History & Plain Old Memories
The central point for Easton historical and old memories information and discussion. Let's use this to learn about this wonderful town and keep the controversial stuff in the other topic areas.
51 429 01/26/2015
4:30:25 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Easton Video And Photo Tours    
Old Posts Local People, Places & Things
Collection of videos and photos around town, sports, buildings, landscapes, parks, historical, etc...
18 76 10/05/2014
2:12:54 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Historical Easton
Easton is so rich in history so let's really get a chance to see and appreciate it...
2 18 09/09/2013
08:08:02 AM
by: eastonmom2girls Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Community Bulletin Board    
Old Posts Easton and Other Charities
Please take a moment to learn about and help these local charities.
12 19 12/01/2014
12:29:50 PM
by: melodyhritt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Easton Pickleball
Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America, it was invented in the mid 1960's as a children's backyard pastime but quickly became popular among adults as a fun, free, low impact game for players of all skill levels and ages.

Check here for news, developments and discussions.
2 10 09/07/2014
08:29:50 AM
by: eastonmom2girls Jump to Last Post
New Posts General Community Announcements
Post and read the local Easton Non-Profit Community Announcements.
28 55 01/26/2015
08:37:22 AM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts General Information Wanted
This is for things like, Where does the town take yard waste? Where are some good walking trails?
19 151 11/19/2014
5:07:23 PM
by: Liberty_Adam Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Swap Shop - Buy, Sell, Trade, Yard Sales
Cleaning out? Need some extra cash? Having a yard sale? Looking to buy something, sell, trade, or just get rid of stuff? Post it here and tap into Easton's original and largest online community.
1 3 06/18/2014
10:04:44 AM
by: hal4 Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category About Easton    
Old Posts Easton Links
The central source for all Easton non-profit websites.
2 2 12/10/2014
3:07:31 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Easton Photo & VideoTour
Sit back and enjoy our beautiful town. Have a photo of Easton you would like to share or do you have a special request? Send me an email for instructions.
3 25 04/08/2009
07:53:14 AM
by: JPJP Jump to Last Post
Old Posts General Easton Information
Maps, directions, weather, other info, etc.
6 65 12/31/2013
12:10:00 PM
by: daddy_o Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category General Topics & Misc.    
Old Posts Hobbies, Crafts, Antiques, Collecting, etc.
I know I have quite a few "little hobbies", as my wife calls it, and I'm always interested in hearing about what people make, create, collect, acquired, etc. Maybe we all could learn a little something?
3 21 06/01/2014
8:38:51 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
New Posts National, World & State News, Politics
We sure have a lot going on in Easton but there's also lots to discuss around the word and there's nothing like a good old New England style debate to warm the soul.
70 411 01/19/2015
10:20:31 AM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
New Posts Sports Talk
Come join in the EastonMass.com sports whiner/monday morning quarterback forum.
10 32 01/21/2015
12:12:22 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
New Posts Local Area News From Our City & Town Neighbors
Interesting and informative news and information from our surrounding city and town neighbors.
15 41 01/19/2015
4:48:31 PM
by: TWMSeven11 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Health, Fitness and Recreation
Helpful health, fitness and recreation related information.
12 24 07/09/2014
6:42:56 PM
by: eastonmom2girls Jump to Last Post
New Posts Computers, Technology, Internet, Social Media, TV
Discussions and information concerning computers, technology, the internet, social media, TV, News Media, eCommerce, eEducation, eGovernment
18 49 01/26/2015
09:57:11 AM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Consumer Issues, cars, appliances, food, business
Discussions concerning, buying, selling, business practices, investing, etc.
13 82 12/30/2014
9:18:33 PM
by: TWMSeven11 Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Lighter Side & General Info
Have anything fun, sad, interesting or helpful to share?
22 98 01/05/2015
12:11:04 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Calendar Events    
Old Posts Local Event Info
This is where to find information from the Calendar Events
29 38 01/14/2015
5:48:49 PM
by: gilya7 Jump to Last Post
Collapse This Category Forum Announcements & Rules    
Old Posts Forum Announcements, Issues, Instructions & Rules
Members, check here for news about the forum, rules, requests, instructions and general forum information.
4 23 08/29/2014
9:07:33 PM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Notes
3 3 02/07/2014
10:15:06 AM
by: Burt Jump to Last Post
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